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How To Make Money From Bulk SMS Marketing In Nigeria

Bulk SMS Marketing has became the most populous  marketing tools for your products and service.
Bulk SMS marketing can provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas.

Over the past few years Bulk SMS marketing has become a legitimate advertising channel in some parts of the world. This is because unlike email over the public internet, the carriers who published their own networks have set guidelines and best practices for the mobile media industry (including mobile advertising).  Its also believe that mobile users read messages that come through their mobile phone than in any other means of advertisement of goods, services and ideas.

Clem designs SMS is Nigeria's leading Bulk SMS gateway provider offering simple and reliable BulkSMS connectivity to 800 networks in over 210 countries via HTTP, SMPP, XML SMS API. Clem designs SMS currently provide bulk SMS services to thousands of businesses across the globe. Our clients range from corporate bodies like banks, churches to government institutions.

As a professional in Bulk SMS Marketing business, i can proved to you that Bulksms business is a lucrative business that can turn you to instant millionaire. This service is used in large volume by multi-million Naira companies / organization such as banks, Churches, factories, NGOs, Schools, Political parties, and Cooperative etc. in reaching their audience at a time. These companies / organizations are ready to lodge thousands of Naira into your account only for you to provide them with this service.

But most time people aske can i really make money from Bulksms ? "Yes" As earlier  said, Its settingly sure that people don't normally have that time of listening to radio or watching television, but there is no body that does not read a text message. So mobile marketing business can now put you on a beneficial advantage over other media network.

Now How Does This Work?

The first thing to do is getting your clients. But who are your clients? Your clients may include the church.
In the church they have what is called weekly / monthly prayer for members: This is really very necessary for the pastors, they want your tools to reach-out to their members so that their members can feel loved, and as well could pray for them and this prayer can meet their members at the point of their needs.

Inspirations :
They need to boost up the morals and divisional re-purposes of their members, this members will feel inspired by their pastors.
Invitation for church programme : Many churches organizes one type of programme to another yearly like crusade and several others. Now it is in your place to approach the church that your tools is necessary to reach-out for this very purpose and you see them patronizing you daily.

New members follow-up:
In this case, sometime when you Go to a church you see new members dropping their phone numbers. The question is, what do they use these numbers for? it is for fellow-up, when you tell these churches about your tools they will use it to follow up.
Then the wedding planners: Wedding planners and Events planners need your tools so well either to reach-out to friends or the organizers etc.. it also in your place to reap part of this.

The schools:
The SUG, Departmental Announcement, Association Meeting Invitation, Breaking News etc.. these are what you see in school and they need your tools to reach-out, In fact it even help for data collection.

Now in the political sector :
During political campaigns, Special Announcement, Invitation for political meetings, Seasonal Greetings to their Constituency, they need your tools very well. Also as the Hotels is another great source in this business.

What are Your Marketing Strategies?

Face To F ace marketing strategies:
Yes these work fine because you need to meet with your friends and talk out business with them. But if your friends are too busy, please make use of ultimate sales letter by preparing it and drop it for them so that when they are less busy they can go through it, and definitely they will call you for business. Don't relax! Another marketing tool you can use for this business is social media network like Facebook, blogging, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.. Reach-out to friends and tell them what you have.

How You Can Make More Money From This Business

You need to get your own Bulksms website: Truth if you don't have your own Bulksms website then you have not started business and when you are creating your own Bulksms website, make sure that person creating it for you must give you the option of choosing your API because this is the only way you can make more money out of it. This where i recommend Clem Design Network, We will Design this sms website for you, give you the option of choosing your API and as well give you our own marketing strategies and how you can make more money from this business.

Why You Must Start Mobile Marketing Or Bulksms Business Today

The reason why you must start Bulksms business today is to escape the unemployment line, because the are so many youths out there doing nothing in their villages or in their parents houses. They are useless to them selfs and the society! why do they even go to school? Now this business no matter how small you may see it, can at least fetch N60,000 on weekly bases
- See more at: http://clemdesigns.net/index.php/mobile-marketing#sthash.8rsvwUK3.dpuf

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